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Sometimes we meet people that inspire us, make us stop and think and help us grow into better people. Andrew Michael Potts, Occupational Therapist, lived in a way that inspired us all to rise up, become more loving, grateful and reminded us of what matters in life. He loved fiercely and deeply. If he knew you, he loved you. He worked at Covell Care and Rehabilitation as an OT and made an impact in many lives–clients, community members and colleagues alike. Because of the impact Andrew made at Covell Care and during his life, we established TEAM AMP in his honor.

Andrew PottsAndrew Michael Potts lost his courageous battle with metastatic malignant Melanoma in 2016. We continue to feel his absence but know we can use the lessons he taught us to keep his spirit of love alive indefinitely by passing it others. TEAM AMP will help us do this.

We want you to know about Andrew’s life–even if you did not know him personally.

  • Andrew raised two sons as a loving and devoted father.
  • He loved his wife, Angela dearly and is pictured here on his wedding day.
  • His love for God ran deep in his heart and he would say, “God is good” nearly everyday, no matter what.
  • He inspired others as an occupational therapist with incredible clinical skills and the ability to related to every client he treated.
  • When he laughed, you laughed. Even on hard days, Andrew remembered to laugh and smile.
  • Andrew lived as an avid outdoor enthusiast. He loved sailing, riding his motorcycle and taught his family to see the magnificence in nature.
  • Teaching others through his therapy, at the university and in life lessons was always important to Andrew.
  • Andrew’s huge heart radiated love to everyone he met. So, so, so many people felt loved by Andrew. And what a gift to be loved!

Starting in 2017, Covell Care and Rehabilitation will work with TEAM AMP to focus our efforts supporting Andrew’s legacy. Every year we will select a new cause to help us do this. Throughout the year we will do acts-of-kindness, participate in events and create community around a cause we believe Andrew would support. We hope to bring together a community of people around the same love and spirit that Andrew shared with others.

We hope to help others fighting against cancer and to raise awareness for cancer prevention. We hope you will join us. Please check our Facebook site and calendar for more events.

team amp jan 2017

2018 Efforts:

  • January: Reached out to Hope Lives! to become a community partner and offer services to women undergoing breast cancer treatment.
  • February: Cancer Prevention Awareness month – Check out our blog!
    • Plus stay tuned for another February happening!!!!

2017 Efforts:

  • January: Donation of knitted hats to the Cancer Center of Northern Colorado for clients receiving chemotherapy.
  • February: Dedication of Clinicians and Comrades to Andrew Michael Potts as the presentation will focus on therapeutic treatments available for people with cancer.
  • March: Colon Cancer Awareness Month – Wear Navy Blue this month and educate the community.
  • May: Raise awareness to prevent Melanoma in honor of Skin Cancer Detection and Protection Month.
  • July 22, 2017 – American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Join TEAM AMP team through the link below!
  • August: Alene Nitzky, RN & Founder of Cancer Harbors will be our speaker for Clinicians & Comrades, August 30th at 4:00 pm, Rigden Farm – Open to all!!!
  • October: Education on sun damage during winter months.
  • November-December: Through the holiday season we are asking people to help another friend and previous colleague in need. Amanda Gallatin was recently in a car accident, lost her husband and suffered multiple injuries and has been through several surgeries. If you are able to help us support Amanda in her road to recovery that would be greatly appreciated.  Follow this link to learn more about Amanda and give:

We hope that you can join us in these efforts to give back and support others. Find out how to get involved and join Team AMP today!

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