Massage Therapy

Bodywork and massage are not just pampering activities! Studies have shown massage has a broad impact on various physical, mental, and emotional levels. It has been shown to:

    • lessen chronic pain
    • improve flexibility and range of motion
    • lessen anxietymassage-389716_960_720-e1455909529516
    • help mitigate stress
    • increase circulation
    • improve sense of well being
    • address postural issues
    • decrease insomnia
    • improve digestion
    • reduce the symptoms of depression
    • assist in post-exercise recovery
    • support the immune system
    • reduce fatigue

Bodywork causes a response in two different ways – structural and neurological. Structurally, massage and bodywork produce change by the physical manipulation of your body tissues. When your therapist helps you stretch or works out a tight knot in a muscle they are causing a structural change.

The ‘relaxation response’ is a predictable, involuntary response from your nervous system. It causes a decrease in the amount of stress hormones produced by your body as well as an increase the amount of serotonin that is released. Blood pressure decreases, muscles soften, heart rate and respiration slow, digestion activity increases – in short, you relax!

Our massage therapist uses a unique technique with lava shells. Lava Shells are made from high-quality ceramic and tiger clam sea shells. The self-heating Lava Gel used to warm the shells is made from all-natural, non-toxic minerals, sea kelp, algae, and sea water. The localized heat of the shells facilitates profound relaxation and increased circulation in the soft tissue of the body, which in turn allows for more comfortable deep tissue work. The shells also release calcium ions, which can help to firm and regenerate your skin. This treatment is a wonderful option to decrease stress, relieve pain and muscle tension, relax tight fascia, and rejuvenate. 

You can receive treatment from our massage therapist in the comfort of your home or at our outpatient clinic at Rigden Farm Senior Living. Currently our massage therapist is only available in the Fort Collins area.


$70/hr at Rigden Farm

$95/hr in-home

Contact us with any questions on massage therapy or to schedule an appointment.

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