Pelvic Health

Incontinence is not a normal part of aging—this is a myth. When people live with urinary or bowel incontinence it can be devastating on their quality of life. People stop going to social events, miss family engagements, refrain from attending church and more. Anxiety increases over potential embarrassing accidents and depression can set in when someone thinks this problem can’t improve. incont-269x300

Occupational and physical therapy can help with incontinence, retention, constipation, prolapse, pelvic pain, bowel dysfunction, and overactive bladder. Many of our clients experience complexities related to their bowel and bladder health and feel they have run out of options.

Others are just beginning to experience bowel and bladder changes. No matter where clients fall on this spectrum, our goal is to help them become dry, understand how to increase control and improve quality of life.

Treatment may include assessments of eating and voiding patterns, bladder and bowel
retraining programs, implementation of tools to reduce leakage, urge, prolapse, pain and more. Computer assisted treatment and the use of electrical stimulation can also help clients meet their goals. An evaluation will allow therapists to provide detailed recommendations for treatment.



According to a study conducted by the CDC non­institutionalized persons aged 65 and over, 50.9% reported a urinary leakage and/or accidental bowel leakage.

Owner of Covell Care and Rehabilitation, Krista Covell­ Pierson, OTR/L, BCB­PMD is board certified to treat pelvic muscle dysfunction. She and her colleagues strive to provide clients with support, encouragement and effective, evidenced ­based therapy.

Treatments are provided in the privacy of clients’ homes or the private treatment room at our outpatient clinic. As of 2019, we are also offering telehealth consultations for clients out of our service areas or who prefer a phone consult rather than an in-person evaluation. Visit our Telehealth page for more information.

A physician’s order is required to initiate treatment and Covell Care and Rehabilitation can obtain this for you with your permission. Most insurance plans cover these services. Contact our office about your specific plan.

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