Giving Back

In this day and age it seems healthcare can be primarily focused on the bottom dollar, what services are billed and maximizing reimbursement from insurance agencies. We all are operating within these pressures and it has become commonplace to dismiss clients that don’t have insurance or have low-reimbursement plans. When we pause to take a breath we have to ask, “What happens to clients that don’t have insurance or that have plans that reimburse poorly?” We know what happens. Those clients simply don’t receive help or services.

Krista Covell-Pierson, OTR/L, BCB-PMD started Covell Care and Rehabilitation about twelve years ago. Prior, she worked primarily in skilled nursing facilities and found herself going to the administrators to advocate for patients that didn’t have high-reimbursing insurance. She felt they could manage the rehabilitation department’s budget to absorb the cost of the labor for clients with low (or zero) reimbursing plans. Her supervisors did not always think they could do it. But, Krista showed them they could. These patients then got better, received care they deserved and they had done a good thing.

This philosophy stayed with Krista as Covell Care grew. Even though she worked full-time in the beginning, saw Covell clients outside of the full-time job and was marketing she made time to evaluate clients that didn’t have reimbursing insurance plans. Krista did it because no other agency would help and she knew an hour of her time could make a difference. Covell Care was not lucrative in the beginning. Krista’s time was very limited. But, providing evaluations for the referrals Covell Care received–no matter what the payment source was–felt like the right thing to do and we continue this practice today.

Over the last two years Covell Care has provided approximately $250,000+ worth of non-reimbursable services to community members in Weld and Larimer Counties. We do this simply to help others. Plain and simple.

We feel that this aspect of our business supports Principle 8 of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Code of Ethics. It reads: “Physical therapists shall participate in efforts to meet the health needs of people locally, nationally, or globally.” 8A. Physical therapists shall provide pro bono physical therapy services or support organizations that meet the health needs of people who are economically disadvantaged, uninsured, and under-insured.

Please let us know if you have questions about how we can help those with insurance limitations.

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