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Circuit training class at Rigden Farm Senior Living.

75% of older Americans are insufficiently active to achieve the health benefits of regular exercise according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Without regular movement and exercise, people risk loss of muscle mass, bone fragility, pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and increase their risk for falls, fractures and even death. These severe risk factors can be reduced with the right support and guidance.

Covell Care and Rehabilitation provides access to personal trainers specializing in older adults. Whether clients are lifetime exercisers or new to the world of fitness, programs are customized based on the client’s needs, medical issues, disabilities and/or diseases.

CovellLadyBug2Doing strength and balance exercises will decrease your chance of a fall.  -CDC

Exercisespecialist-297x300Clients and trainers often form a special bond as they work together to become stronger, improve balance and gain confidence in daily mobility and function. Clients may experience improvements in blood pressure, diabetes, lipid profiles, arthritis, pain and mental faculties like problem‐solving and memory.

Our personal trainers can collaborate with clients’ physical and occupational therapists to help maintain their gains from therapy and continue to improve—even after therapy has discharged services.

Our Personal Trainers provide:

“We are both very appreciative of your continued enthusiastic help for Mom. She so looks forward to these sessions with you. And as you well understand she has both up and down days for mobility and exercise. The mental stimulation has also valuable during this time of isolation.” ~Daughter of Client receiving 1-on-1 personal training

We even have unique ways of working with people during global health pandemics, like coronavirus. Watch our video below!

Rate: $55/session

If you would like to inquire about personal training please call.

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