CovellLadyBug2Will my physical, occupational and/or speech therapy services be covered by insurance?

We check every client’s insurance benefits prior to initiation of therapy services. Often insurance will cover your therapy 100%. However, we cannot guarantee payment and clients are responsible for any co­pays or out of pocket expenses.

CovellLadyBug2      What if my insurance will not cover therapy? Can I still receive services?

Yes. Rates are available upon request.

CovellLadyBug2      What if I don’t think my loved one will cooperate with therapy?

Family members often worry their loved one may be resistant to therapy. We encourage you to support your family member and have confidence our therapists will listen closely to your loved one to discover what is important to them and help them to feel supported in therapy.

CovellLadyBug2      Would someone with dementia benefit from therapy?

Absolutely! Many of our clients have a dementia diagnosis and have shown improvements in multiple areas from strength, communication, behaviors, eating, safety and more.

CovellLadyBug2     Do you accept Medicare?


CovellLadyBug2      Do I have to have a doctor’s order for therapy?

For physical therapy you do NOT have to have an order from your doctor to begin treatment. To receive OT and/or Speech Therapy you do. Our team can help you obtain orders by contacting your physician’s office if you wish.

CovellLadyBug2      Is there a “cap” to my insurance benefits for therapy?

Our team can explain the therapy cap to you as it pertains to your individualized benefits.

CovellLadyBug2       What happens at the first visit with the therapist?

Your therapist will provide an evaluation of the past and present
issues and determine an appropriate treatment plan based on the client’s needs, desires and goals. Evaluations typically last for about one hour.

CovellLadyBug2       How often will the therapist come and for how long?

Once the evaluation is completed, the therapist will recommend frequency and duration based on the client’s needs.

CovellLadyBug2       My mom/dad has incontinence but has dementia could you help him/her?

Therapists can train caregivers and supportive family members on strategies to reduce incontinent episodes.

CovellLadyBug2       Will Medicare cover a driving assessment?

Medicare may potentially cover cognitive assessments which can help determine if someone may be safe driving. Medicare does not cover a standard driving assessment of driving rehabilitation.

CovellLadyBug2       Can I be there at the time of the evaluation with my mom/dad?