Care Management


Geriatric care managers are health care professionals that offer guidance, planning, coordination and peace of mind for families worried about aging family members or loved ones. Covell Care and Rehabilitation, LLC contracts with geriatric care managers with various backgrounds in nursing, social work and gerontology. In addition to this, they have undergone extensive training in geriatric care management. Aging families seek our geriatric care management services because they are struggling to care for an elderly family member and they want things to be different. Ultimately, they want a better quality of life not only for the older adult they are worried about but also for themselves. In addition to helping individuals and families, our care mangers also offer services to professional organizations.

Typical scenarios when aging families need assistance:

  • Help with making a transition to a care community. Is the time right? Am I doing the right thing? How do I get dad to agree? How do I know which community is the best fit?
  • Families are overwhelmed with the day to day task of managing care or caregiving and need help coordinating doctor visits, medications, caregivers and other services.
  • Aging parents wanting to ‘age in place’ and families need an unbiased professional opinion about the feasibility of remaining at home.
  • Sometimes there is disagreement among family members about the best course of action and they need support and/or guidance from a professional to facilitate difficult conversations.
  • Adult children live out of town or state who need help on the ground to keep them informed and assure that their family member is well cared for and safe.
  • Families require guidance through the complex web of health care or senior services to decide which services are best for their individual situation.

Whatever the individual reason, it all starts with an awareness that life could be better for their aging love one and an understanding that there is someone that can help.

At the heart of our geriatric care management program is a holistic approach versus a fragmented approach to elder care. We start by developing rich, trusting relationships with our families so we can work together in a collaborative fashion. Your Covell Care and Rehabilitation Care Manager will be there to support you on your entire journey.

Our Geriatric Care Managers provide:

  • Care coordination that includes referrals, caregiver scheduling, form completion, monitoring for changes and satisfaction.
  • On­-Call Concierge is available for vacations and respite needs. A care manager can be on­-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so families can take a break.
  • Health Monitoring: Professional care managers frequently visit their clients to answer questions, address concerns and make sure the most appropriate care is provided. In addition to these standard visits, as a Registered Nurse offers health monitoring services for clients. She will check your blood pressure and pulse, monitor oxygen levels, and listen to your heart and lungs. This is a time to discuss pain you may be experiencing, changes since your last physician visit or questions you may have about your medications or health conditions. This extra layer of in-person support can put your mind at ease, knowing that a healthcare professional is keeping watch over your health and well-being.
  • Family Education and Support: Comprehensive assessment, evaluation and planning. Transitional assistance from home to retirement, assisted living, memory care or nursing home living. Family meetings to discuss difficult decisions and facilitate consensus for best care solutions. Crisis management for emergency situations. We organize the chaos, navigate the system and support the entire family.

1 hour phone consult – $95

In-person consult & follow-up call – $142

Comprehensive care management services – $95/hr

On-call services – $53/day minimum


Our ultimate goal is to maximize each client’s level of independence, while recognizing that we care for the entire family. Call us today for more information.

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